This forum is operated by Competitive Advantage. We help manufacturing and service organisations in the construction industry. Our clients range from some of the largest organisations in the construction industry to small start-ups. They comprise construction trade associations, construction manufacturers, contractors, distributors and design professionals.

Founded in 1999 by Chris Ashworth, our specialist team have been recruited from sales, marketing or specification roles within the construction sector. This experience means we are informed about current issues, familiar with the industry’s language and practices and understand the challenges you and your customers face.

Our ongoing construction research gives us an extensive and up-to-date understanding of industry issues. Our presence with a number of key industry organisations such as CIMCIG, BIM4M2Construction Products Association and Construction Industry Council means we are in touch with, or part of, developments in the industry. This can help us to quickly assimilate a client’s challenges and propose an effective solution.

Competitive Advantage maintains a low cost base and a flexible approach to projects. We deliver high quality informative data at an affordable cost and provide value for money strategy development and training. Find out more about the services we offer.

This forum is a natural extension of the market research we conduct in the construction sector. We have set it up to allow for ongoing discussion amongst industry professionals. It is expected that topics covered will include construction industry issues such as adoption of BIM, sustainable design, modernisation of construction, the skills gap and the image of construction.